Welcome to Pink Earth

Pink Earth is a Project dedicated to the Great Being of Planet Earth and to awakening humans.

Planet Earth is a sentient, highly conscious being that is deeply related to the Human Race. Yet Gaia is leaving. It is now us who are taking over as standards and keepers of a New Earth.

Pink Earth was created as a platform for such awakening humans, for all those who clearly perceive that something New is emerging.  The name Pink Earth comprises the Pink Ray of unconditional, cosmic love and a project in progress: the New Earth.

When we realize that our life is changing, that things are no longer the way they used to be, our mind is confused and our body seems to morph and create all sorts of weird symptoms – and we are often bewildered. We are searching for answers, explanations and guidance within a constantly shifting reality.

Our Goal

There are vast amounts of information on the Internet on Awakening, Ascension and Enlightenment. And there is also a lot of confusion, sensationalism, misinformation and negativity. Does it help?

Our goal is to clear the noise and allow Truth to emerge and shine. Pink Earth serves as a point of connection, a hub to orient and accelerate the expansion of your consciousness, both vibrationally and viscerally.

Our central focus is to realign your Higher Self with the personal presence of you as an authentic, sovereign individual.

For 10 years we at Pink Earth have been dedicated to increase the planetary vibration and supporting individuals to embody their crystalline consciousness.

Energized Products

One of the building blocks that support this endeavor are the energized products of Pink Earth, physical tools that enhance your life. Each tool is vibrationally connected with the source code of your crystalline genome of divinity.

One of the main conductors of transmission and entrainment, which these simple tools radiate is the element of water. Our body consists of over 80% water. Water is the ideal distributor for the higher frequencies of monatomic light throughout your body systems.

All Pink Earth products, courses and services are dedicated to this epic shift in our human evolution.

As our consciousness expands and accelerates, the vibration of the human genome raises and transforms our cellular and organic state of existence.

However, this influx of higher, crystalline energy into our physical systems needs finely tuned pathways to be fully absorbed and integrated. This activates a powerful blueprint: our interdimensional DNA.

The crystalline components of our chromosomes have long been dormant. At this special time it is the layer of divine crystalline genome that awakens and starts to interface with the old carbon based biology.

This gradual, yet fundamental transformation allows the crystalline light body to come online and eventually be the vehicle for a fully embodied multidimensional existence.



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