Imagine yourself enveloped in a state of joy and sovereignty each moment of your life.

How would it feel to be an embodied master of light, walking the New Earth?

Enlightenment is a natural process, though it may take several life times to unfold. If you are ready for embodied enlightened consciousness NOW – the crystalline workspace of the Spheres of Genesis is for you.

I am an ambassador of the New Energy and it is my gift to work with the original crystalline codes of creation. I am dedicated to supporting your journey to remember and know, to truly know, who you really are as you embody your eternal crystalline light body with ease and grace.

In this shift of the ages your physical body and the many dimensions of your subtle bodies need support. As Gaia transitions viscerally it is your old carbon-based biology that requires refinement and alignment in order to integrate the crystalline realms of your higher dimensional existence.


Backed by a scientific quantum approach, I am guided by the instructions of your Higher Self and the Spheres of Genesis®, a crystalline matrix of light.

Each session is specific, very individualized and meticulous – removing layer after layer of density, shadow after shadow and veil after veil of your limited identity. The impact of this process collapses the timelines of your personal history, melting your old story as you spiral back to the foundation of your true multidimensional existence. This transformational process of revealing our essence is something we can’t do for ourselves, by ourselves – as much as we would like to.

Clients who have worked with me – as well as myself – have found that what unfolds in the Spheres of Genesis® is indescribable. You are guided into the Mystery beyond words, where the true magic of crystalline creation begins. It is here where you deeply understand your very purpose as a divine co-creator of light.

My work is neither therapeutic nor spiritual in the traditional sense.

It is designed especially for those seeking to embrace their embodied enlightenment, rather than superficial relief of life challenges.