Ahamanee - Clear Communication

Ahamanee - Clear Communication


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AHAMANEE opens the portals of subtle, positive communication whether with the angelic realms of the light or just with our next-door neighbor.

AHAMANEE is the power of communication with clarity and compassion. 

AHAMANEE connects us to our higher, more enlightened levels of exchange and subtly wraps our language into rising spiral patterns.

This way the essence of what we want to convey to others, our views and prospects are conveyed more through the heart. It is said lovingly and made tangible. We don’t just pass on information but we touch the hearts of others with love and receptivity. 

AHAMANEE is also supportive in the beginning stages of a project moving it from the thought level to a linguistic form into a more stable manifestation. 

AHAMANEE is excellent for those working in teaching or training professions, as well as for public speakers. Some individuals found it helpful for their channeling art.

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