Avatara - The Healer

Avatara - The Healer


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The healing capacity of AVATARA emerges from the deep space of our galaxy.

This symbol AVATARA can be seen as a portal through which higher-dimensional sound structures are channeled through the Solar Logos onto our planetary level. AVATARA channels enormeous healing capacity into our energy system. 

The ‘melody’ of AVATARA is the cosmic sound and the natural base pulse of the Universe. This rhythm expresses itself through a continuously life enhancing flow of energy. The sound-patterns transported by AVATARA are equipped to balance distorted vibrational states and harmonize cluttered conditions.

The law of quantum physics says that the higher frequency always overrules the lower resonances and entrains them. As light enlightens the darkness, the higher vibrations lift the lower frequencies, as the life essence itself always works in an enhancing and supportive fashion. Thus AVATARA generally acts fundamentally uplifting and life-enhancing. The signature of AVATARA is especially suitable for advanced healers and spiritual seekers. AVATARA opens and holds a field for all those who seek to genuinely serve and transform life. For all those who live in harmony with the law of Oneness with all life AVATARA may work wonders.

The impulse of AVATARA not only reigns with enormous frequency, but also helps to align a particular life-form with its original design. AVATARA supports energy workers who acutely perceive the pain and dissonance of people through their emotional body and who tend to feel overwhelmed. AVATARA is also well suitable for individuals who are challenged with their hypersensitivity. AVATARA helps to realign with more enhanced, enlightened levels of perception. This alignment through AVATARA renders both protection and connection to the innate divinity.

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