Water Blob

Water Blob


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The Pink Earth Water Blob was created especially for drinking water containers, bathtubs or Jacuzzis.

Pink Earth Water Blob reduces the smell and taste of chloride and makes the water soft and silky.
Thanks to the vibration stored in the Pink Earth Water Blob the water-body receives all the vital impulses and source water information that it needs to revitalize. The water body has an innate memory bank of its own pristine state. Through resonance with the Pink Earth Water Blob water immediately recognizes its perfect blueprint of the source-water-element.
Like all Pink Earth tools the BLOB has several cosmic symbols engraved that are specifically geared for the vibrational enhancement of the water vortex-spin and frequency.
The Pink Earth Water Blob gives an initial stir to the water for a clockwise spin. This stir energizes the water and accelerates the frequency of its natural vibration through the subtle spiraling rotation. Lifeless water becomes vital and can be beneficial again for the human organism and for the environment in general.
Water treated with the Pink Earth Water Blob has an additional Ion – one more than regular water. This SIW ( Super Ionized Water ) strengthens the immune system and accelerates any healing process in general.

Pink Earth Water Blob

  • creates SIW – Super Ionized Water
  • optimizes the freshness-coefficient and enhances taste in general
  • makes water taste pleasantly cool and refreshing, soft and round
  • neutralizes chemical residues and subtle toxins in water
  • detoxifies bacteria, virus and fungi
  • alters the molecular structure of minerals flocked out from water, so that existing deposits are resolved and the formation of new ones is prevented
  • neutralizes any frequencies of electro smog and other geo-pathogenic zones
  • Blob Water purifies not only the physical body but also the subtle energy fields
  • is energized water which rises the vital energy field of any human being, animal, plant and soil that gets in contact with it
  • stimulates and stabilizes the immune system of any organism, thus preventing a large range of infectious diseases
  • strengthens growth and health of all kinds of plants – trees, flowers and herbs
  • balances the whole water body around the water-tank through the flow and energy of the water, which is treated with the Blob
  • contributes a share to the healing of the global water body

How to use it

Simply leave the Blob in the water for 5 – 10 minutes according to the volume of the water you need – and enjoy!
Leave it in your drinking water container for better water quality or use it for a bath in your bathtub and wipe it dry after use.
The Pink Earth Water Blob is 111 mm (4.4 Inches) in length and 25 mm (1 Inch) in diameter.


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