Brahm - Balanced Partnership

Brahm - Balanced Partnership


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BRAHM carries a keynote of the Divine Mother. 

It opens the qualities of the heart and supports us to feel accepted, loved and secured in all of our relationships.

BRAHM is carrying the vibrations of the warmth and strength of the heart. 

BRAHM gives such overall heart to heart connection that we feel how closely our lives are connected – and that the giving is the same as receiving and vice versa. 

BRAHM teaches us the Reality of Oneness – which can be challenging at times when we live every day life with all its adversities. 

BRAHM then makes us realize that the other is just a mirror for all the obscurities and unenlightened aspects within ourselves. At the same time BRAHM keeps our heart open at all times to accommodate challenges. 

BRAHM connects us to the Divine Love residing within our hearts and helps solve these challenges with the love.

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