The Crystalline Dragon

The Crystalline Dragon


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Dismantling the Past

Male Polarity

The Dragon Tools were given to us by Lord Solomon and Sanat Kumara.
The Dragon Tools are connected to the 12 Solar Discs and Grail Codes. The Dragons are an integral part of the Spheres of Genesis.

The Dragon pendant life tools are especially designed by Lord Solomon for deep cleansing of the subtle bodies.
The potential of the Crystalline Dragon pendant is focused on transmuting dissociative and dysfunctional influences in our life. Wearing the Crystalline Dragon pendant activates a realignment of the RNA and a restructuring of the DNA stands. This may enhance the light quotient within your cells.  

It offers protection towards negativity, attack and energy theft as it removes the layers of negativity within us.

It also helps us to integrate male and female qualities.
The Crystalline Dragon has a very intensive, almost abrasive effect especially when it comes to manipulative programs and disruptive interferences which may be locked in deep tissue layers or even on subatomic levels from other timelines or parallel dimensions.

The effect of this pendant is very strong. Please wear the Crystalline Dragon pendant sparsely. Please use your intuition while you are going through your process of dissolving the past – which may be emotional, mental, physical or in the general context of your every day life.
The Dragon pendant should not be worn continuously but may well be used during your sleep.
Can be worn together with THE SPHERES OF GENESIS® PENDANT.

Length: 44 mm
Width: 24 mm



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