Elila - The Star Gate

Elila - The Star Gate


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ELILA is a gentle guide of the heart - out from the confusion of our self-created labyrinths and through the appropriate doorways into higher access. 

ELILA occurs at a certain stage of our spiritual development. 

Once we have gone through various transformations and inner initiations we reach a point of completion. 

At this moment ELILA becomes essential to move through the wormhole into our next level of spiritual unfoldment. 

ELILA acts as a mover through the realms of light and accompanies us to the portal of passage that is waiting for us. 

In a way ELILA is like a midwife that helps us birth ourselves. 

ELILA accompanies us across the threshold into our new Self. 

ELILA also holds the keys that we need to open up our new potentials. 

With ELILA we are able to unlock the secrets that we have not been able to understand before and arrange the puzzle pieces into the correct picture.

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