Hamor - Rescue Remedy

Hamor - Rescue Remedy


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HAMOR is the Rescue Remedy symbol for all situations where the energetic or physical body is challenged or disturbed. 

Its message is: “Help comes from all sides!” 

The symbol HAMOR infuses a wave of balance and harmony to support the subtle bodies. From there bioplasma is facilitated and initiated into the injured body parts.

And in this sense HAMOR draws all elements and particles for fast healing into the aura. HAMOR takes care of the injured or endangered organs or tissues in a traumatic shock situation, seals the insured auric field, and envelops the whole being in light, warmth and security. 

HAMOR reminds us that the touching abundance of help and healing in the subtle realms is indeed limitless if we open ourselves to it.

HAMOR supports and accelerates any kind of physical or energetic healing processes. May be used in the same way as Dr. BACH’s Rescue Remedy only that it should be worn on the body. 

HAMOR can also be applied directly on or next to the injury or pain.

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