Maan - Self-Confidence

Maan - Self-Confidence


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MAAN opens the understanding for the root cause of these misconceptions and false beliefs as lack of insecurity, self-confidence, fear of failure.

MAAN represents the grounded, inner stability of perfect self-confidence. Many individuals still hold elements of doubt and lack of self-worth towards themselves, carried over from childhood through outdated concepts of ‘education’. 

MAAN engulfs us with a cloak of self-value und the certainty for natural boundaries. Often we have also fallen prey to manipulation, deviation and inappropriate influence of others or entire life situations. Without being aware of it we find ourselves in a position of a victimhood and seemingly can't get out of it. 

MAAN helps to develop discernment for what supports us and who is a beneficial guide – and what does no longer serve us. 

MAAN is a strong giver of impulse for conscious self responsibility, true value and confidence to actualize ourselves.

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