Megamin - The Regulator

Megamin - The Regulator


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MEGAMIN prevents premature aging and helps with all age related issues. 

It generates a structural pattern that is anabolic – building up physical substance – and interconnects creative structures regulating them into the matrix of the biosphere. 

This process creates organic balance and order within our cellular networks. 

MEGAMIN has a strong clearing and purifying effect both in our energy fields and within bio-matter. It cleanses the blocked pathways between the unconscious areas and the light of consciousness itself. With this dynamic the flow of energy is freed to flow and nourish again. Fresh Life force can start to again balance and regulate tissues and organs.

MEGAMIN  is indicated with: cancer and tumor – ailments – diabetis mellulitis – tuberculosis – problems concerning growth and development – optimization of performance for workers and athletes – generally supporting all katabolic processes (growth of physical substances) enhances creative and sexual potential – prevents premature aging process – improves quality of life in general.

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