The Spheres of Genesis® Pendant

The Spheres of Genesis® Pendant


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Feminine Polarity

Ø 35 mm

The 13 “Sacred Spheres of Genesis” or “Goddess Spheres” comprise a powerful workspace. The 13 Spheres create an interdimensional Matrix for the New Earth. They represent a complete mapping with all the elements and life-forms of Nature in Her fifth dimensional, crystalline expression of the New Golden Earth. This subtle yet very intricate and complex Matrix offers a support system for individuals to go through the next stretch of evolution with ease and grace.
The ‘body’ of the Spheres of Genesis® is shaped in a torus form. It is connected with each layer and aspect of Creation through the coriolis force, the original creative essence.
In its toroidal movement the Spheres are intertwined with the entirety of the Earth Mother’s qualities and all its governances, steerings, regulations and modes of operation weaving through the innumerable life-forms on the planet.

In a human context this original life-energy has also been called Kundalini. The essential force of ‘cleansed’ and enhanced Kundalini of the Earth Mother is essential for Gaia’s evolution as well as for for our own awakening and enlightenment.

The upgraded Earth Kundalini is the central essence and driving force governing the inner spaces of the Goddess Spheres.



When you wear ‘Goddess Spheres’ or ‘Spheres of Genesis’ pendant they will grace you with the warm and gentle heart-essence of the Divine Mother. The pendants are percolated with the light and joy of the New Earth thus emitting the feeling of ‘safe space’.
The subtle vibrations of completion are harmonizing and regulating. They allow us to reconnect with all levels of who we are - to the very core of our existance. We feel the Welcome of being Home.

The pendants are created with long lasting PMMA material, consisting of long-chained molecules. This material is made of building blocks from the ‘blood’ of Mother Earth and thus resonates perfectly with the cellular and blood substance of the human genome.

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