Todoxyn - The Transformer

Todoxyn - The Transformer


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Todoxyn launches an energy movement within the subtle bodies, which creates a counter-swirl. 

Counter-swirls – anticlockwise spiral movements – usually have a dissolving or dismantling effect within energy systems. 

Here Todoxyn helps to dissolve old, outdated structures that no longer serve us. That does not only apply for our biology and health, but also affects all negative influences in our environment. Everything that is not aligned with the flow of natural laws - artificial interferences, gene-manipulations, viruses, prions and any hidden substances that pretend authenticity or harmlessness - will be exposed and transformed. 

Todoxyn also helps to identify those aspects of the Old Energy that have to do with control and manipulation. 

Todoxyn can act as a guiding force for hidden agendas, information through media, denaturized foodstuff, adulterated products and any other manipulated context.

Applicable for: * cancer and tumors * Aids * Immune- and autoimmune-processes * Eases neuralgic-zones and pain-spots in the body * H1N1

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