Umachenion - Dolphin Nature

Umachenion - Dolphin Nature


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UMACHENION is one of the strong planetary healing forces. UMACHENION acts as a balancer and harmonizer for all life-forms and for planet earth itself. UMACHENION owns the power to heal corrupted or distorted life-spaces and morphogenetic fields in Nature. UMACHENION is deeply connected with the Cetacea, the families of whales and dolphins. These marine mammals have not only been the keepers of the oceanic balance but they are also experts in holding and transmitting core frequencies of life. Dolphins are known to be expert engineers of the human DNA helping humanity to move into their next step of evolution.

UMACHENION assists all individuals, that engage themselves in the progression of Gaia, those who want to support the earth and its creation. Many humans have similar features and characteristics as the Cetacea and thus feel somewhat out of place or lost in this reality.

UMACHENION strengthens the inner connection with the whale- and dolphin-nature and thus enhances our childlike innocence and joy of life. Wearing an UMACHENION pendant connects us to the typical dolphin qualities of bliss and cheerfulness yet also with the feeling nature of all life. UMACHENION helps us to unfold unconditional love and happiness. And finally, with all this strengthening of our inner qualities the energy of UMACHENION ensures that we have the courage and freedom to honor their impact as well in our regular every day lives.

UMACHENION is ideal for higly sensitive children.

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