Ureel - Renewal

Ureel - Renewal


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UREEL is one of the symbolic keys of Archangel Michael. 

Ureel is a derivate of the sphere of the Great Cosmic Mother. 

The effect of Ureel is one of rejuvenation and renewal. 

The spiritual, mental and emotional transformations, which pass through us may be very discomforting, throwing us out of balance. Ureel has a specific quality to guide us to the place of refuge within ourselves. Here we can find all qualities of rejuvenation and rebalancing in a bath of inner light. 

Body, mind and emotions may restore themselves drawing from the innate source of life. 

Ureel may also be used locally to ease physical pain once placed onto the affected area. 

Ureel also has general strengthening effects. It can help with issues of lack of joy, abundance and general wellbeing.

Psychics have seen a relationship of Ureel to Archangel Michael.

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