Waganda Rod

Waganda Rod


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The Pink Earth Waganda Rod is a powerful tool for restoring the health and vitality of your water resources.

Designed for large bathtubs, Jacuzzis, smaller pools and water tanks, the Pink Earth Waganda Rod gives a vibrational stir to the subtle fields of the water body.
The subtle impulses initiate a clockwise spin, activating the water in a spiraling rotation, which energizes the water and accelerates the frequency of its natural vibration.
The frequency embedded in the Pink Earth Waganda Rod and the sequence of universal energy symbols engraved in the rod prepare the water to receive vital impulses and activate source memories which revitalize the water.
Water treated with the Pink Earth Waganda Rod develops an additional Ion – one more than regular tap water. This SIW (Super Ionized Water) in effect strengthens the immune system and accelerates the healing process and feeling of general well-being.
Our skin surface is the largest organ in the human body. We absorb chemicals and pollutants from the water not only while drinking it, but also through bathing and household use as well.  During a bath, water is naturally absorbed through the skin, affecting our skin and depending on the duration of a bath, even our internal organs.
With the Pink Earth Waganda Rod in your bathtub or water tank you can be sure that the water you use is vital and healthy.
The Pink Earth Waganda Rod diminishes impurities in water tanks such as algae, fungi and bacteria by neutralizing their effect. Other pollutants like chalk or dirt are released and settle as residues on the base of the water tank so that they can easily be removed.
To use, we recommend attaching the rod to a handle in your pool or water-tank. If there is a hook or handle on a wall of the tank, you may attach the rod with a string, or simply leave the rod in the pool or tank where it will sink to the floor. However, the effect is enhanced if the rod is able to float freely in the water.
We offer a free consultation on how to use the Pink Earth Waganda Rod specifically tailored for yourpersonal water needs and circumstances.


The Pink Earth Waganda Rod

  1. creates SIW – Super Ionized Water
  2. optimizes the freshness and enhances overall taste
  3. water tastes pleasantly cool and refreshing, soft and round
  4. neutralizes chemical residues and subtle toxins
  5. detoxifies bacteria, virus and fungi
  6. counterbalances the molecular structure of minerals released from the water. Existing deposits are neutralized and the formation of new deposits is prevented
  7. neutralizes frequencies of electrosmog and other geo-pathogenic zones

Waganda Water

  1. is energized water which raises the vital energy field of any human being, animal, plant and soil it comes in contact with
  2. purifies the physical body as well as the subtle energy fields
  3. stimulates and stabilizes the immune system of any organism, which supports resistance and prevention of infectious diseases
  4. strengthens growth and health of plants, trees, flowers and herbs
  5. balances the entire water body within the water container through energy and flow of the water being treated with the water rod
  6. contributes energetically to the healing of the global water body

For agricultural purposes we recommend the use of the Pink Earth Waganda Water Rod together with EM (Effective Micro-organisms)
. In Germany and Austria this combination has given farmers exceptional results in neutralizing the effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

The Pink Earth Waganda Rod measures approximately 300 mm (12 inches) in length and 25 mm (one inch) in diameter.

It is an ideal tool for swimming pools and water tanks. The Pink Earth Waganda Rod decreases the smell and taste of chloride and reduces the need for chemical purifiers.


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