Water Wand

Water Wand


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The Pink Earth Water Vitalizing Wand transforms toxic information within the waterbody and restores its vital life force. The Pink Earth Water Wand is imbued with the essential matrix codes of the element of water.

The water body has a living memory that stores information – regardless of whether the memory is life-giving or toxic. Learn more

The Water Wand is entrained with frequencies to enhance and raise the vibration of water through resonance, which vitalizes and harmonizes the water quality. Each Water Wand has its own engraved universal cosmic symbols to stabilize its subtle features.

The Water Wand is also ideal for enhancing the taste and quality of other beverages such as juice, coffee, cool drinks and wine, while harmonizing and neutralizing toxic residues.



Many influences in our drinking water, such as subtle informationaltraces of pesticides, vibrational patterns of microwaves,  or electro smog - are difficult to detect physically. Even filtered water has detectable traces of these subtle charges. Toxic information patterns influence our complex living systems and may have a harmful effect on our health.

The influences of subtle and complex energy-patterns may be better explained by classical crystal analysis. Through crystal analysis it is possible to recognize the difference between vital forces and toxic information patterns.



Leave the Water Wand in cold or warm beverages – water, tea, coffee, juices or wine – for about 2 to 3 minutes. There is no limit on how long you can leave the wand in a glass with water or juice.

Tip: Leave the wand sitting in a glass or jar and simply add water as needed. Wipe from time to time. Food with liquid content can also be treated.

Maintenance: Wipe the wand dry after use. Do not use solvents or harsh detergents. Due to the fabrication process (rounding the ends) fine cracks may occur with time, due to high temperatures or the general aging process. This does not affect the efficacy of the wand. Do not boil the wand.
Measuring five inches (130 mm) in length and about 0.5 inch (13mm) in diameter, the Water Wand is an ideal tool for use at the office or while travelling.

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