Working with Yasmina is a journey back to my own core-essence.

I’ve learned authenticity, self-worth and to lovingly embrace who I am.  In the past my life was cumbersome and fearful, with a lot of struggling and effort. Today I am filled with ease and with joyful stability. Fear has almost left completely and I am looking forward to each day with enthusiasm. I am so grateful, dear Yasmina. You’ve helped me gently and lovingly to dismantle my old structures and limitations. Thank you!

Rosi W.

After my massive burn-out I chose to decline any conventional medical treatment and began releasing my accumulated garbage through spiritual work.

Yasmina’s intense work brought me back to my higher existence und helped to access my true authentic Self. I needed patience, tenacity and the courage to face myself. And especially I needed a great coach who supports me every time I struggle with resistances.

My inner changes manifest in my world with such speed that it feels like true magic has returned for me!

I’d never thought this would actually be possible and I hold gratitude with all my heart for Yasmina’s guidance on all levels of my life."

Henner H.

In the summer of 2012 I stumbled across Yasmina’s book Wiederverzauberung (Re-Enchantment).
I was enchanted right away. I booked my first session with this amazing healer, teacher and ambassador for the New Earth. Seminars and individual packages followed – and my life took a new course and clear direction.

Yasmina is like a bridge into the soul realms, due to her close connection to the other dimensions and the spiritual councils.

What we find in this space is no New Age airy-fairy lala-land but a clear-cut invitation to step out of the illusion and the drama of this 3D world, and to expand into our divinity.

This calls for self-responsibility, leaving behind the separation and to allow the full expression of our own creatorship.

I wanted a journey into a true transformation und a union with the goddess within me.

Yasmina is a shining example for me, a sister of heart, a courageous teacher and a warmhearted healer on this path.

I feel gifted by the universe and grateful to have encountered the oneness and divinity in my life through her."

Ulrike G.

I am very present and I can uphold this presence throughout. It feels so sovereign, secure and powerful. I feel comfortable and at ease in my body.

My body no longer reacts with surges of adrenaline when I face challenges in my world. Now, both in my private and my professional life, I rarely encounter situations of conflict. Nothing much knocks me over anymore. My fear of darkness has turned into a beautiful new space of depth where I can connect to my higher aspects.

These are fundamental changes with truly existential proportions for me. The counseling aspect of Yasmina’s work has been very supportive.

With her clarity, her knowing and capacity she taps exactly into the heart of the matter – in each current situation.

She scans all aspects and layers of my being, right from the physical to the most sublime spiritual realms of my subtle bodies.

She discovers the hidden blockages and accumulations both in my biology and my energy field. Due to her close association with the spiritual world she is able to launch specific targeted/purposeful healing processes.

She swiftly detects the root cause of problems in my private and professional field. In this mutual work, we get to consciously acknowledge these root causes and release them forever.
Her tips and suggestions are very valuable, and I have been able to integrate them practically into my life.

These shifts did not happen overnight. I have been guided by Yasmina for almost 9 months now and the quality of my life has substantially improved.

In deep gratitude to Yasmina.

Olga T.

Today I am so happy that I gathered up the courage to begin this counseling course with Yasmina.

It has helped me realize that I am the most important facet of my life, and that my inner enfoldment cannot be replaced with anything else.

Others may want to gather gold, or invest in land or shares in the stock market – in my life it is ME into which I long to invest. None can take this away from me, it cannot be destroyed – it can only be profitable in all ways! At one point in my life I realized that I just added years to my life, and not life to my years.

Even though I thought that I had a good life with many great travels, with events and the purchase of beautiful things – I was not really happy.

A sickness finally shook me up and brought me to Yasmina. Through our mutual work I discovered that I had only lived on the surface, in some outside world which did not fulfill me – and my heart and soul were withering away. This gradual unfolding of my true Self is simply wonderful!

Graziella B.

Yasmina is a contemporary Master in a New World, one who doesn’t draw on any sort of esoteric or New Age fads.

Her work is purposeful, precise and effective; well, yes – radical, really, in some ways ;-)!
For many, many years I have been searching for spiritual development, both in groups and with individual teachers. I have tried out a lot in spirituality and have moved only tiny inches, without ever having the feeling to arrive.
That is completely different in Yasmina’s work. It is so tangible that I am moving deeper and deeper into the substance of who I really am. A marvelous and exciting magic!"

Vera S.