Monthly Crystalline Energy Updates

in English and German

The frequencies that are made available for humanity on the planet at this time are unique and extraordinary.

Such levels of vibration have never been in this sector of the universe. There is an immense cornucopia of cosmic light activation for those who are aligned with the pulse of ascension.

It can also create absolute havoc, confusion and upheaval for all those who are not prepared for this influx. We are not dealing anymore with ‘spiritual development’ or some esoteric path. This is metaphysics! It is indeed the alchemy of enlightenment. And it is very physical, if it comes to your embodiment.


  • The FLOW COURSE is a very practical pathway to help you integrate and maintain higher frequencies into your life.
  • The FLOW COURSE is a stepping-stone into higher access and preparing for the New Earth. 
  • You will always be on the cutting edge of planetary movement and expansion.
  • The FLOW is not only about information; it is rather an array of transmission, channeling, language of light and inner resonance entrainment.


Flow Course Package 1

  • 4 Course Sessions per Month
  • €111 per Month

Flow Course – Package 2

  • 4 Course Sessions per Month 
  • 1 x 50 Min individual session per Month
  • €390 per Month

Flow Course – Package 3

  • 4 Course Sessions per Month
  • 2 x 50 Min individual sessions per Month
  • €640 per Month

More about the Course

The individual sessions add a substantial component to your personal expansion and unfolding. Private sessions are the doorways into a deeper access to your Higher Self and your true I AM presence.

The FLOW Course offers an alternative to the Master Course. For those who do not resonate with the intensity of a full commitment into the Master Course, or for those who simply want to stay on track will find the support needed to navigate through the storms of change.

Being connected with other likeminded heart based individuals in a safe and sacred space is very, very reassuring. Such a supportive network also enhances your inner growth exponentially. This is what we offer in the Academy: a loving haven to safely come home.

The FLOW Course does not require the level of dedication needed for the Master Course, and your membership can be terminated at any time.


The English Speaking Flow Course

  • on Thursdays at 2 pm PT – 5 pm ET – 11 pm CEST


The German Speaking Flow Course

  • on Thursdays at 11 am PT – 2 pm ET – 8 pm CEST


After each session audio replays are available for participants as downloads.