Life Course 2017

Join the Five 6-week-Modules – each dedicated to specific themes related to your evolution.

  • They help you to catapult your personal challenges onto a level of resolve and integration.
  • Health, money, life-purpose etc. are issues that concern each one of us in various gradual proportions. They often hold precious keys for our eventual breakthroughs.
  • Discover why you have chosen a particular ‘problem’ in your life – and what it actually contains for you!

Saturdays 10 am PT // 1 pm ET // 7pm CEST

After each session audio/video replays are available for participants as downloads.


All classes run between 2 to 2.5 hours and consist of three main components:


The other corner stone of the work are the HOT SEATS where each participant has the opportunity to ask questions, bring forward their problems and challenges in the form of questions. While each module runs substantial transmissions of energy, the Q & A are in the same way precious, as they offer not only individual solutions but insights and inspiration for all participants.