A pathway into embodied enlightenment

including two retreats in Sedona, Arizona & Mt. Shasta, California in May 2017

At this point in time we as humanity find ourselves at a crucial juncture.

This brings up the question for each one of us: what am I waiting for? 

Do I want to continue consuming old energy programs and resources?

If the answer is YES, this course is NOT for you!

Or is this THE lifetime for me? Am I ready to finally allow my personal quantum leap?

If the answer is YES – a yes for YOU – this IS the right place!

"I have never been so sensually anchored in my physical presence. To be fully anchored in my body gives me a completely new intensity of life."

(Maria F.)

About the Course

The Master Course is a premium Course towards embodied enlightenment. This course is an in-depth formation based on the mentorship and guidance of the Spheres of Genesis®.

The Spheres of Genesis® are a matrix of crystalline source light brought to the planet since 2003. It serves as a proven work space for embodied enlightenment.

The quantum elements of the Spheres of Genesis® originally emerged from the Office of the Divine Mother. She is indeed the Prime Mover of their unfoldment. Her representatives – a team of dedicated Goddesses – comprise the exquisite qualities of the Spheres of Genesis®. They are joined by various groups – like the councils of light, ascended Masters, Elohim, Archangels, the Dragon Clans and a multitude of life forms both based on Terra Gaia and other dimensions within this multiverse.

The councils of light suggested to make these nine months of intense, individualized course available to awakening souls.


The Ascended Masters describe a certain tendency in us to consume many, different programs and random offers freely available on the internet.

While those in their awakening process assume that they are progressing they may in truth only be bypassing real growth.

What actually happens is that the true inner calling is being stifled with more and more ineffective, intellectual information – very much like fast food.

Not only is there little progress, in fact there are symptoms of addiction with this bypassing, which only pays a huge disservice. It looks like a loop which becomes thicker and thicker with a growing dependency on the drug of consuming.

take new pathways

The reason why this sort of consumerism ever occurred is that most pathways offered until now – whether it is classical spiritual training or new age esoterics – have arrived at the end of their efficacy in this New Time.

The awakening ones clearly feel that these traditional pathways are no longer appropriate for the New Earth – yet there is very little alternative.

On one hand we find that traditional external teachers are inappropriate as the true wisdom only emerges from within, on the other side there are very little alternatives to this search.
While being aware that the true Master is within there is an aversion towards classical mentorship and mental modalities and programs.

True Masterery

A true Master of Caliber is empty, he or she is nothing. And through this emptiness – very much like a mirror – we are able to discover ourselves – and evolve. All of creation is continuously expanding. We are invited to be part of it as individuals as well, leaving behind all resistance, all excuses and procrastination that keep us locked in the old energy structures.
In the truest sense life itself can be a teacher. But life is malleable. We can argue, we can resist, and we can escape. Not so with a true Master.

A true Master’s desire is to midwiFe Masters into their own emergence.

True Mastery is never over others. This is an attribute of the Age of Separation where earth is ruled by power and manipulation.
A veritable Master longs to assist others while growing into the Mastery of their own life, where they are in total command of their own reality, their dreams, their desires, their own supply, where they understand the laws of both spirit and matter – the laws of creation.

The Intention of The Master Course

The intention of this course is to allow a dedicated, supported and guided evolution within the safe space of the Spheres of Genesis®

The Premium Packages and individual Mentorship are both unique opportunities that offer in-depth guidance into embodied enlightenment.

The Master Course takes the guidance to an even broader level of experience as it combines weekly group-modules and monthly individual sessions.

The Master Course runs through 9 months and can be offered only once a year.

What you get

  • Weekly interactive modules from March to November 2017, except for the month of August
  • Monthly individual sessions for each participant (value €300 each = €2.700 )
  • Weekly long distance transmissions and healing surveillance
  • Weekly messages from the councils of light specifically for the working group of the Masters in the Making
  • two retreats in May 2017 (Sedona, 5 days and Mt. Shasta, 5 days) more infos about the retreats: THE ENERGY OF LACK and EMPOWERMENT AND LIFE PURPOSE IN THE NEW EARTH


  • on Saturdays at 1 pm PT – 3 pm ET – 9 pm CEST

Provided Materials

This is the list of materials of our Master Course 2016 – for comparison.

The Master Course for English speaking Masters 2017 will be of a similar caliber.
The structures have proven to be very effective and solid.



  • Guided Meditations: 6 titles, duration: 3h 4m,
  • Grounding-Journeys: 5 Titles, Duration: 54m
  • Solfeggio Sound Scrapes + Entrainment Modulation: 8 Titles, Duration: 1h 14m
  • Channeled Announcements + Guidance for the group: 24 titles, 9h 29m



  • 12 Art Pieces radiating the frequencies of Lightlanguage WORK MATERIALS
  • 22 PDF downloads including catalogues with instructions for quantum healing


  • 6 Charged Entrainment Videos with Language of Light - length: 1h 41m


MODULS 1 – 36

  • 38 Modules ( 36 + 2 Extra Bonus Modules ) both Video & Audio Duration total: 94h 30m



  • two physical Life Events/Retreats in 2016



The 9-month course of the Mastermind Group 2016 has been a very intense and accelerated time. This is what the participants say about it:

My life was quite good – that is what I thought.

I considered myself content – both materially and spiritually. When I heard about the Master Course I was strangely attracted without really knowing what I was in for.

Looking back I realize what I did not know: there is so, so much more to life, so much more intensity to existence itself and there is so much more to who I am. I had no clue how restricted I lived and how much I held myself back.

This course has given an expansion to my life I did not even know was possible.

I did not fathom before what real, constant blissful happiness means. I now truly do!


The most enlightening thing this year was discovering Selflove.

It was about following my deep desire to release limiting beliefs and to discover my authentic inner being.

I could finally embrace who I really am and to allow my true self into my life, into this body.


The quintessence of this course is that practically everything is different in my life!

I discovered my divine Self, experienced timelessness and synchonizity. I know I can be human and divine at the same time, that in fact God lives through me, embracing myself with love and compassion.

I now have beautiful tools for every moment when I feel out of sync.

I know now that the solution is right next to the issue – and to always live from my open heart, with ease, grace and innocence.

And be able to share all of this with an amazing group felt like an extraordinary gift!
What a completely new life!


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