I am an ambassador of the new, crystalline energy.

This divine crystalline essence is sensual, expansive and absolutely joyous. It may be revealed as highly creative states of expression or as conditions of deep peace and blissful stillness. It is the flow of the divine current beautifully felt in our physical lives. Most people today experience separation from this flow of life essence – which is why many feel fearful, angry or depressed.

My focus is to expand the access to this source within each of us and to help anchor the eternal body of consciousness for each awakening individual.



During this pivotal planetary transition it is absolutely essential for each awakening soul to upgrade their physical biology. The current human body is an archaic vehicle that is not able to fully metabolize higher dimensional crystalline light.

This process of metamorphosis and integration is regulated by a powerful multi-dimensional matrix of light: the Spheres of Genesis®.

Beyond FEAR

Genetic programs

Fear is a very deep-seated frequency. My work is to help trace and release the hidden, very subtle layers of fear that sabotage your life. It doesn’t matter whether you are on your way to enlightenment or just want improvement of your life - fear is at the root of every aspect that causes limitation. My team calls the energy of fear ‘the genetic or sexual divide’, a direct derivate of the human program of separation. All of us want change and yet once it is here - we resist. We want relief and yet fear is in the way!

Through the crystalline accesses and modalities of the Spheres of Genesis® this process of release is highly accelerated.


Self-Realization and Fear

As we move further into our quest for enlightenment the shades of fear become less obvious as finer and more transparent veils come into play. It is cosmic law that the subtler and more invisible blockages are – the more powerfully they stand in the way of our self-realization.