Water is a vital part
of who we are.

Our body consists of almost 80% water, therefore good quality, vital water is fundamental to good health.

Pink Earth water products not only restore the purity and vitality of water, but the entire spectrum of this element. Water holds memory and stores information. This is why water not only absorbs the physical pollutants of its environment, but also the vibrational charge.

Most planetary waters are highly polluted. Even if water is filtered, its essence retains the memory of accumulated old, heavy layers of collective energy.

Our emotional body is governed by the water element. As humans we have a tendency to hold on to emotions, reliving their influence over and over again. These negative emotions create heaviness in the energy pathways. This is the very cause of ageing and disease.

As we continue expanding our consciousness and shift up our biology we require water with higher octaves of frequencies. The source code imbued within Pink Earth water tools is the quintessence of cosmic crystalline water.


The constitution of water currently flowing in our body – in the lymph and blood system, the glands, tissues and organs - are for most of us vibrating at a lower level.

Connecting with the crystalline light of cosmic water helps to release the old structures from the bodily waters and create new crystalline patterns for vitality and rejuvenation.

Cosmic crystalline water has a unique oscillation. Cosmic water originates from beyond our planetary time. It has never before traveled through the terrestrial confines of time and space.

Pink Earth tools emanate the signature of cosmic crystalline water. When water is in contact and resonance with the much purer expressions of cosmic waters, it will remember its cosmic origins and begin vibrating on higher octaves.


When we consume such water the crystalline structures re-pattern our tissues and re-configure our DNA strands. They help our system to re-member its pristine state of being. Thus the physical body receives information to be healthy and vibrant.
Drinking water that is imbued with its crystalline cosmic origin helps to release negative, depleting emotions in a highly accelerated fashion. This purifies our cellular liquids, down to the subatomic levels.

The benefits of water imbued with the higher oscillation of cosmic water

  • Supports health, vitality, well-being, wisdom, and intuition
  • Enables the body to release deeply-rooted emotional charges, which cause the body to age and disease
  • Supports the expansion consciousness
  • Relieves the lymphatic and endocrine system
  • Sets new crystalline signatures of refined purity, so that waves of light and streams of consciousness can move through with ease and acceleration

In the beginning you may simply find that the taste of your water has changed. It tastes softer, sweeter and lighter. Over time you may experience enhanced intuition, a connectedness to the unknown and your intuitive nature. You may begin to tap into and understand the world of your own body in a different way, building a bridge…

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