Yasmina was born awake. Yet most of the condition could not be lived here. It was 1979 when she experienced full enlightenment again. Her Higher Self decided however not bring in the full-embodied state at this moment in time. She was to ‘wait’ and work from the background in order to help humanity transition into higher octaves of consciousness. 1985 she met her Divine Compliment, an Indian Dvaitadvaita Raja-Yoga-Master. She lived and trained with him until he passed on in 2014.

In 2002 – after years of work as an international filmmaker – she began working with groups and individuals dedicated to their awakening.
Her approach has never engaged in the methods, programs or techniques of the new age self-help arena, nor has Yasmina used traditional paths and approaches for liberation.

Her life is about the New Energy and her presence on the planet has helped – among many others – to bring about the awakening, which is taking shape at this time. Her tangible impact has been slowly unfolding – in stillness, almost seclusion – waiting to come online during these very pivotal times of a fundamental, planetary shift.

About herself she says

My life is not really extraordinary. I only remember who I AM.

All of the star seeds and the awakening ones hold the very same potential and access to their own blueprint. For many years I have been blessed with the experience of feeling disconnected from Source, while clearly knowing how much more there is to life and yet not being able to actualize it. Out of this acutely painful situation I understand the agony that so many go through at this time and I know deeply the pathways to release separation. It is all about claiming your absolute sovereignty!